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Blended Class Help

All Blended classes will give you an option to print a certificate of completion of the online portion when you are done with the class.

Blended classes have MULTIPLE sections that must be completed.  The front screen will only show SOME of the sections.  You will need to make sure you scroll down the screen and complete all of the portions.  You WILL receive a completion notice on the last page when you are done.  If you have not gotten this, then you have NOT completed all of the sections.  We are notified via email when you have completed it, so we will know who is done and who is not.  You will NOT be allowed to attend the skills session if you have not completed the online portion.

If you are having issues with the video in your blended class please click on the link below for a document that can help you.  Should this not resolve your problem it will give you a number to contact ASHI customer support for the online portion.

Blended Online Support

If you have not received your log in link please check your spam/junk folder first.  If  it is not there (or you have lost it) please use the contact us page to send us an email.

ASHI Passport

Passport is for students that have completed an ASHI course with us.   ASHI Passport is app for smart phones and tablets that shows videos from class, has a copy of the digital textbook in it and quick skill guides for use during emergencies.


Rate Your Program

This link allows students to rate their class.  These surveys go directly to ASHI, our Certifying Agency.  Real Life Emergency Training does not see the individual results of these surveys.

Rate Your Class