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Class Information

Classes are offered in a blended format. The blended class consist of online instruction and practical skills evaluation with an instructor.

Online Instruction:

  • Allow 2-6 hours to complete the online modules.
  • You can log out and log in multiple times until you complete the course.
  • You MUST Complete the online portion at least 2 hours prior to arriving at the training center.

Practical Skills Session:

  • The skills portion, will be at our Peoria Arizona Training Location on the date and time scheduled.
  • Will take approximately 1 1/2 hours to complete.
  • This is a group skills section, please arrive 5 mins early to get signed in.
  • Certification cards will NOT be issued without attending and passing the hands on practical skills session.


Note: All Classes listed at Peoria Arizona Training Location. Contact us for other training locations.

Pediatric Only CPR, AED and First Aid for all ages is the NEW course for Child Care Providers, Coaches, Teachers, Foster Parents, Adoptive Parents or anyone who wants their First Aid class to also include children and infants.
Price $50.00

Skills Class Time :

Adult Only CPR, AED and Basic First Aid is focused instruction for Adult Care Givers to who need Adult First Aid and CPR with an AED.
Price $50.00
Skills Class Time :

Adult, Child and Infant CPR, AED and Basic Adult First Aid is for people who work primarily in an adult environment but want to learn child and infant CPR. NOTE- this course only covers ADULT First Aid, no child or infant first aid is included.
Price $50.00
Skills Class Time :