2015 AHA Standard

The update to the new 2015 AHA curriculum has some specific program changes that will affect people.  These changes will increase the types of classes that are offered to the public.

The biggest change to a program curriculum and certification is to Basic First Aid.  Basic First Aid (including the first aid portion of the the combo CPR/AED & Basic First Aid) classes are now only geared towards the Adult population and do not include Pediatric information.  Anyone who needs (or wants) to take a class that includes First Aid treatments for all age groups must now take the PEDIATRIC First Aid, CPR & AED.  Pediatric covers ALL age groups, including adults, but has more information geared towards children for first aid, including sports injuries.  This is the state approved first aid course for child care providers, day care employees, afterschool care program employees, foster parents, elementary school coaches, etc.

The second big change is to the name of the CPR Class for Healthcare Providers and Professional Rescuers.  The old CPRPro (BLS) for Healthcare Providers is now simply called BLS.  This aligns the name to be similar to what American Heart is calling their classes for professionals.  This course is required for ALL hospital employees.  This includes all  RN’s (and RN Students), EMT’s (and EMT Students), CNA’s, MA, MD, DO no matter where they work.

If you have a question on which class you are required to take, it is best to ask your employer or school for the exact name of the class AND if they accept ASHI certifications.  (We only issue ASHI certifications, NOT american heart certifications.)